About the Championship

It is an organization that concerns massage therapists, trainers, managers, suppliers, centres and educational institutions working in the spa, wellness, health, sport, natural and complementary therapies. The championship is to contribute positively to the development of the participants' skills, to the training of qualified massage therapists and to the massage profession in terms of ethical values in a good, reliable and competitive environment. It aims to reach, maintain and develop the best in the sector.

In this context, the main objectives to be achieved are as follows:

  • To increase the professional quality
  • To promote vocational training
  • To promote vocational training
  • To protect professional ethical values
  • To increase awareness of the importance and dignity of massage
  • To increase the technical quality of massage with competition
  • To introduce the best massage therapists to the national and international community
  • To contribute to the increase of qualified massage therapists
  • To provide an opportunity for qualified, elite and professional massage therapists to introduce themselves and showcase their skills


  1. Participants must document that they have a massage certificate during registration.
  2. For beginners and/or students, it is not mandatory to show a certificate, but the student is required to show a student certificate or show enrollment in a course.
  3. Participants apply for the competition by filling in the information requested in the "Registration Form".
  4. Participants can apply to participate in one or two categories based on their massage training and experience.
  5. Participants are required to participate in the competition with uniforms, clothes or sportswear suitable for the massage technique.
  6. Participants are allowed to enter in personal sponsorship attire or any clothing appropriate for the category.
  7. Participants will bring their own materials suitable for the massage category they will compete in. (Towels, sheets, application tools, etc.)
  8. The responsibility of determining the person to be massaged belongs to the participant and this continues until the end of the competition session. The organizing committee will help who cannot obtain the person to be massaged.
  9. For oil massages, the person being massaged should wear underwear and (if a woman) the chest should be covered. Areas that are not worked or massaged should be covered.
  10. There is no gender discrimination in the massage competition, anyone can participate. The participant can massage on the desired gender.
  11. It covers anyone who has completed a massage training for the competition or has a massage certificate or works in the field (massage therapists, physiotherapists, health workers, beauticians, etc.).
  12. All participants must comply with the specified maximum competition time (60 minutes). The duration of massages such as facial massage is shorter (30 min.). The participant introduces himself in the first 5 minutes and makes preparations.
  13. Massage oil will be provided by the organization. The participant does not have to bring oil. But anyone is free to bring their own special oil.
  14. Chiropractic or osteopathic techniques are not permitted.
  15. We have a separate hall for Iranian women participating in the international contest section, and only our female judges will be in this hall together with the participants.

Swedish / Classical Massage

Classical Swedish massage techniques (classical relaxing western style massage).

Thai Massage

This category is based on Traditional Thai Massage and Thai Yoga massage techniques. Thai Massage will be performed on a floor mat with appropriate clothing (both sides are dressed).

Sport Massage

Those who will compete in the sports massage category can use techniques such as Deep Tissue techniques, neuromuscular techniques, stretching techniques, as well as classical sports massage techniques.

Therapeutic / Deep Tissue Massage

This category is considered deep tissue massage or therapeutic massage. For this, deep tissue, sports massage techniques, trigger points, mobilization or Swedish Massage techniques and other advanced massage techniques, as well as permitted massage tools can be used.

Free Style Massage

This category will include a rich mix of massage and bodywork skills inspired by Western or Asian (eastern) varieties with your own unique skills.

Free Western Style: It includes a combination of different types of Western massage methods (Classical, sports, mobilization, instrument massage, bodywork, etc.)

Free Eastern Style: Includes combinations of different Asian massage modalities (Shiatsu, Acupressure, Thai massage, Tui Na, Ayurveda, instrumental reflexology massage, etc.)

Hammam Massage (Turkish Massage)

This massage technique, which comes from the Turkish Hammam Culture, will be in the form of foamy massage in the Hammam environment. Competitors participating in this category can exhibit all the techniques required by the massage in a Hammam environment to be determined by the organization.

SPA / Wellness Massage

Classical Swedish, hot stone, aromatherapy, holistic massage, beauty and SPA-style massage techniques. Medical/Therapeutic or deep tissue massage techniques are not allowed (see category Therapeutic or Medical Massage).

Face Massage

Persons competing in the Facial Massage category can use the application styles that fall within the scope of facial care and facial massage or participate through a specific technique (Japanese facial massage, Classic facial massage, spa facial, etc.).

Corporate Massage

In order to enter this category, it is necessary to have a centre, salon, SPA or product company. At least 3 people from each institution are required to attend. First of all, the participants compete individually, and the corporate competitors who are ranked first will then compete to be the first in the Corporate Massage category. In the corporate competition category, the competitors can exhibit massage styles (SPA Signature) specific to the centre where they work.

Beginners or Students

This category is for students and amateur massage practitioners who are new to massage. In this category, participants can exhibit any type of massage. Those with a maximum of 1 year of experience can compete in this category.


  1. The juries consist of individuals selected from the relevant departments of universities, massage associations and massage-related educational institutions.
  2. All of the juries are made up of the participants of the judge meeting or seminar related to the competition.
  3. Jury selection will be based on their qualifications, skills, experience and judging capacity for a particular massage category.
  4. The selected judge is assigned to evaluate only the categories appropriate to his qualifications, skills and evaluation experience.
  5. The selected judge will ideally have at least 5 years of experience and have worked in an educational setting. It can be domestic or foreign.
  6. The jury selected will be fair, honest, impartial and have the principle of equality.
  7. A jury cannot be its own student's jury as it will be considered a party. If the jury becomes aware of such a situation, it shall immediately notify the authorities and the contestant in question will be directed to another jury or jury to evaluate another competitor.
  8. The jury, which is determined to be a party or match-fixing, will not be assigned in the next competitions.
  9. For the international competition, at least 2 judges who meet the judge criteria are invited from abroad.
  10. According to the category and number of applications, Jury reinforcements are made from the country or abroad when needed.

The judge will evaluate the competitors in the following areas and give points:

  • Preparation: Preparation of the participant and the massage recipient for the session.
  • Tools and materials: The use of tools and support materials for massage is evaluated.
  • Techniques: Evaluates the correct display of necessary techniques suitable for the massage category.
  • Ergonomics: Evaluates correct use of body mechanics, posture and position.
  • Fluency/Flow: Evaluates the continuous and fluent application of techniques.
  • Innovative Approach: Evaluates innovation, innovation and the development of new techniques
  • Client/recipient communication: Ethical ethics with the therapist's client/guest were evaluated within the framework of human relations and behaviour.
  • Overall Performance: The integrity of the message and the overall performance of the therapist are evaluated.
  • In order for the scoring to be as fair and impartial as possible, all decisions regarding scoring will be taken collectively within the Jury group of the relevant category.
  • The top three rows of each category will be determined. Certificates, medals and various surprise gifts will be given to the winners.

Participation Fee:
The participation fee for the competition is €50 (Euro) for each category.

The winners are given certificates, plaques/medals and surprise gifts for each category (1st, 2nd and 3rd degrees).

1) First prize: To the person and team with the highest score in the competition

2) Second prize: To the second person and team with the highest score in the competition

3) Third prize: It is given to the third person and team with the highest score in the competition.

Special Jury or Encouragement Award: It is the award given to the person and team who came to the final competition but could not reach the place, but were deemed worthy of the award with their dedication. This is determined by the advisory and organizing committee.

The winner (Champion) of the competition at the INTERNATIONAL level will be entitled to go to the World Massage Championship and will not pay the participation fee.


Participants and visitors are responsible for arranging and booking accommodation, flights, and local transportation.

The organizing committee can do those who request accommodation and transfer services.

There will be a link on our website about accommodation opportunities and different options in the city.

Accommodation options

The Corner Park Hotel

Location : Konyaaltı / Antalya

Discount code: MS2023

The discount code is valid only for reservations on 25-30 April.

Reservations are made on the hotel's website. https://www.thecornerpark.com/

Hotel Lunay

Location : Konyaaltı / Antalya

550 TL750 TL950 TL1150 TL
Breakfast included

Reservations are made via WhatsApp.

Blue Garden Hotel

Location : Konyaaltı / Antalya

Single RoomDouble RoomTriple Room
1100 TL1500 TL1900 TL
Phone : +90 554 783 9219

The championship will be held in the Akdeniz University, Faculty of Sports Sciences Antalya / Turkiye

The place for the competition has conference and seminar halls, events areas, food and beverage areas (Restaurant, cafe, etc.) and shower facilities.

360° photo taken from drone

About the competition

Massage Championship is an international professional organization for massage therapists working in the fields of massage, complementary therapies, spa & wellness, sports, health and beauty. It was founded by experts from the world of education, the massage profession, business, and therapy, including subject matter experts, governing bodies and councils. This organization is supported by Think Three Hub, World SPA Organization, Health and Natural Therapies Association and some Massage Associations.

Massage Championship, which will be held for the first time in Turkiye, will be held together with SPA & Wellness: Conference, Panel and Workshop programs.

The organizing committee, under the leadership of Nihat Ayçeman, is working with enthusiasm to realize it successfully. We sincerely believe that with your participation, it will be more productive and enjoyable.

It would be great to combine competition, knowledge sharing and unique experience with a perfect vacation. The Campus of Akdeniz University, where the organization will be held, is one of the best campuses in Turkiye and is located in the heart of the city. Antalya is a holiday paradise, 27-29 April 2023 is a great time both for a holiday and for sharing experiences with experts.